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With the world of education

Le proposte didattiche per le scuole del Museo di Claterna

Since the exhibition was set up in 2006, the main objective has been to create an accessible space in which dialoguing and exchanging ideas with the world of schools in order to design together a stimulating and engaging educational offer.

The Museum of the Roman City of Claterna wanted to inherit this experience, confirming a strong didactic vocation and the intention of acting as a place able to favour the encounter between the development of one’s own capacities and natural inclinations and the understanding of one’s own identity: through the approach to the history of the territory, children learn to appropriate their cultural roots and to become aware bearers of them.

Given the vocation of the museum, the method adopted is that of archaeological research, a method of historical investigation based on the physicality of the archaeological source, which has proved particularly suitable for developing an immediate, direct and intuitive approach to the study of history.

The activities guide students to practice some of the methodologies of historical research in order to arrive at a correct re-elaboration of scientific information; in each meeting direct participation in the discussion of the proposed themes is constantly stimulated and guided.

The didactic proposals are carried out both through frontal activities, with the help of video-projections, and through practical-laboratory activities; they are addressed to schools of all levels and can be easily included in the school curricula.

It is also possible to agree on targeted activities based on the proposals of individual teachers.

Come and discover the Museum

Open Day

In addition to the projects promoted in collaboration with schools in the area, the museum has decided to listen to teachers and educators by promoting, starting this year, an open day in September, which aims to provide an opportunity to get to know the activities, routes and spaces that the museum offers.

This initiative is also an opportunity to take stock of the museum’s educational offerings, to evaluate them in terms of their effectiveness and their response to needs and expectations, and to welcome any suggestions for improvement from the school world.

Laboratori pratici per le scuole del Museo di Claterna